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Recall date: Aug-05-2015 Recalling manufacturer: Cook Inc. Recall Number: Z-2318-2015 Reason for recall: Reports of catheter tip splits and or separation. Loss of device function; medical intervention to retrieve separated segment; or complications resulting from separated tip occluding blood flow to end [tricor 160mg pills $82.00] organs may result. If you or a loved one has been harmed by the Beacon Tip Royal Flush Plus High-Flow Catheter - Beacon Tip Royal Flush Plus High-Flow Catheter. Angiographic catheter. Product numbers: HNR4. 0-35-100-P-10S-0 HNR4. 0-35-100-P-10S-CFP HNR4. 0-35-100-P-10S-PIG HNR4. 0-35-100-P-10S-PIG-SIM3 HNR4. 0-35-100-P-6S-VCF HNR4. 0-35-100-P-NS-0 HNR4. 0-35-100-P-NS-DAV HNR4. 0-35-100-P-NS-SIM1 HNR4. 0-35-100-ST-10S-0 HNR4. 0-35-100-ST-10S-PIG HNR4. 0-35-100-ST-6S-PED HNR4. 0-35-110-P-10S-PIG HNR4. 0-35-120-P-6S-PED HNR4. 0-35-120-ST-6S-PED HNR4. 0-35-125-P-10S-0 HNR4. 0-35-125-P-10S-PIG HNR4. 0-35-50-P-NS-0 HNR4. 0-35-65-P-8S-VCF HNR4. 0-35-70-P-10S-0 HNR4. 0-35-70-P-10S-CFP HNR4. 0-35-70-P-10S-PIGHNR4. 0-35-70-P-4S-PED HNR4. 0-35-70-P-6S-PED HNR4. 0-35-70-P-NS-0 HNR4. 0-35-70-ST-10S-0 HNR4. 0-35-70-ST-10S-PIG HNR4. 0-35-70-ST-6S-PED HNR4. 0-35-90-P-10S-0 HNR4. 0-35-90-P-10S-CFP HNR4. 0-35-90-P-10S-PIG HNR4. 0-35-90-P-6S-PED HNR4. 0-35-90-P-8S-VCF HNR4. 0-35-90-P-NS-0 HNR4. 0-35-90-ST-10S-0 and HNR4. 0-35-90-ST-10S-PIG For use in angiographic procedures as a conduit for the delivery of contrast media and can help physicians diagnose occlusion or stenosis. tricor 160mg pills $82.00 The catheters are designed for percutaneous introduction into the vascular system over an appropriately sized wire guide. tricor 160mg pills $82.00, you may have a case against Cook Inc. . Tricor 160mg pills $82.00 request a free consultation today from a lawyer here today.

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