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Recall date: Aug-03-2015 Recalling manufacturer: Medtronic Navigation; Inc. Precose 50mg pills $251.00 recall number: z-2324-2015 reason for recall: the adhesive between the sphere assembly and the precose 50mg pills $251.00 biopsy needle shaft may be compromised; causing the sphere assembly to move on the needle shaft. This may result in inaccurate navigation and improper placement of the needles biopsy window in the brain. If you or a loved one has been harmed by the Medtronic Passive Biopsy Needle Kit - Medtronic Passive Biopsy Needle Kit; Part Number 9733068 - Passive Biopsy Needle Kit. The image guided Passive Biopsy Needle is an accessory instrument with the StealthStation System. The Biopsy Needle is intended to be used for stereotaxy biopsy of brain tissue. precose 50mg pills $251.00, you may have [precose 50mg pills $251.00] a case against Medtronic Navigation; Inc. . Request a free consultation today from a lawyer here today.

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