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Recall date: Jul-15-2015 Recalling manufacturer: Maquet Cardiovascular Us Sales; Llc Recall Number: Z-2083-2015 Reason for recall: Maquet has identified that in some FLOW-i Anesthesia System Auxiliary O2 and Suction Modules; the suctioning function cannot be activated or controlled by the suction unit on/off switch leading to a decrease or loss of suctioning capability of the modules. If you or a loved one has been harmed by the FLOW-i - The FLOW-i Anesthesia System Axillary O2 and Suction Module; Device Part number: 66 79 847 FLOW-i Anesthesia System: Is indicated for administering inhalation anesthesia while controlling the entire ventilation of patients with no ability to breathe; as well as in supporting patients with a limited ability to breathe. The system is intended for use in a wide range of population: from neonatal to adult patients. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $43.00 the system is intended for use in hospital environments; except for the mri environment; by healthcare professionals trained in inhalation anesthesia administration. [lasuna 60 tablet bottle $43.00] Auxiliary O2 and Suction Module: Is an option available for the FLOW-i Anesthesia lasuna 60 tablet bottle $43.00 System. The module contains two main parts: Flowmeter unit: The intended use of the flowmeter is to provide oxygen for patient therapy. Suction unit: The intended use is to extract body fluids from the stomach and airways. lasuna 60 tablet bottle $43.00, you may have a case against Maquet Cardiovascular Us Sales; Llc. Request a free consultation today from a lawyer here today.

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