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Recall date: Jul-20-2015 Recalling manufacturer: DePuy Orthopaedics; Inc. Recall Number: Z-2140-2015 Reason for recall: Potential for the Balseal; a small wire spring coil located on the post feature of the ATTUNE Knee Tibial Articulation Surface Instruments used in trialing to become damaged and disassociate (come off). If the Balseal is separated [eriacta 100mg pills $304.00] from the post; it has the potential to enter the surgical site and be left in the patient if the surgeon is unaware of the disassociation. If you or a loved one has been harmed eriacta 100mg pills $304.00 by the ATTUNE" Articulation Surface - ATTUNE CONV RP CR ARTICULATION SURFACE SZ1; 2; 9; and 10INTENDED USE:The Tibial Articulation Surface Trial snaps together with the Shim component to function as the Insert Trial during a total knee replacement. Eriacta 100mg pills $304.00 a balseal is attached to each of the two post features on the articulation surface to provide a connection force between the tibial articulation surface and shim to ensure secure engagement between the components. eriacta 100mg pills $304.00, you may have a case against DePuy Orthopaedics; Inc. . Request a free consultation today from a lawyer here today.

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