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Dipyridamole 100mg pills $120.00 recall date: jul-20-2015 recalling manufacturer: depuy orthopaedics; inc. Recall Number: Z-2143-2015 Reason for recall: Potential for the Balseal; a small wire spring coil located on the post feature of the ATTUNE Knee Tibial Articulation [dipyridamole 100mg pills $120.00] Surface Instruments used in trialing to become damaged and disassociate (come off). If the Balseal is separated from the post; it has the potential to enter the surgical site and be left in the patient if the surgeon is unaware of the disassociation. If you or a loved one has been harmed by the ATTUNE" Articulation Surface - ATTUNE CONV RP PS ARTICULATION SURFACE SZ1-9INTENDED USE:The Tibial Articulation Surface Trial snaps together with the Shim component to function as the Insert Trial during a total knee replacement. A Balseal is attached to each of the two post features on the Articulation Surface to provide a connection force between the Tibial Articulation Surface and Shim to ensure secure engagement between the components. dipyridamole 100mg pills $120.00, you may have a case against DePuy Orthopaedics; Inc. . Request a free dipyridamole 100mg pills $120.00 consultation today from a lawyer here today.

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